One of the exciting new real estate sectors is Long Term RV Leases. Again, this is a very simple approach to making money in the Real Estate Market. The RV Park Owner Leases out the lots on long term leases. The Lease Holder then has the power over the property for the length of the lease. The asset can be willed, it can be used by yourself, it can be rented out annually as an income producer, or a combination of several of these. For example, you could use the camping lot yourself for 10 years, then sell it off as a long term asset, or you could then rent it out for annual income.

Again, rather than the expense of a title transfer, you simply buy the rights to the land for a certain amount of time. Therefore, the expense to do the transaction is only $250.

As is the case in most North American areas, there are many multiple times more RV and camping trailers than there are sites to camp. In Alberta, for instance, that ratio is 18:1 – and growing rapidly. Camp ground site availability is a growing industry that looks to be expanding for decades to come.