Welcome to the website of Wilewko Real Assets. Investing in a complex world is becoming more and more technical. We feel that a return to basics is the best way to find investments of value – and just as importantly – hold strong investments as a hedge against the whims of commodities and global stock markets.

Commodities and stock markets have always – and will continue – to be held hostage by the next world crisis. And there is always a crisis – the world wide media makes money selling crisis, so rest assured there will always be a crisis – real or fabricated. Most recently the world is experiencing the devastating effects of the C-19 Wuhan Virus. Mid March 2020 has seen a double digit TRILLION dollar write down in the US Markets alone whereby the Dow went from 29,000 down  to 20,000 wiping out gains investors had seen rise steadily over a decade.

We believe that the most sound strategies for investing should include a wide variety of investments – from stocks and bonds to precious commodities. But also, we think you should hold some Real Estate. And that is where we come in – we are constantly on the look out for excellent real estate investments. Primarily we are most interested in investments that will be held for longer periods to gradually accumulate value as opposed to the more popular flipping strategies that are so popular these days.

Check in regularly to view the outstanding real estate opportunities we are presenting. Our mission is to create excellent, sound real estate value for our clients. Through sound real estate investments, we can help reduce your exposure to the whims and manipulations of other investment mechanisms.

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