This page contains some more information for you to become more familiar with our company and how we do things.

What areas does Wilewko look for Real Estate Opportunities in?

We literally shop the world for opportunities. Now, that being said, in many areas of the world it is not feasible (and sometimes even legal) for foreigners to own land. In other areas the tax scenario really limits opportunities. Primarily we focus our interests in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, UK and Western Europe and Australia.

Who can buy Wilewko land assets – do you have to be a particular nationality?

In most cases, anyone can purchase our land assets. Really all you have to verify is that your country of citizenship has a tax & business treaty with the county in question.

I’ve read that Wilewko “simplifies” the land acquisition process – what does that mean?

Yes this is true – and it is one of our great advantages. After we acquire a land asset we immediately create a corporation to hold the land. The land remains an asset of that land corporation while you hold it. For us to pass your new asset onto you, we simply sell you the corporation. This is very simple as the title of the land remains in the corporation’s name. We simply sell you the corporation. There are no realtor commissions involved. Further, when you decide to sell the land, again – there is no transfer of land, you simply sell the corporation to that investor. No expensive legal and land sale fees involved! Your transaction cost is a simple corporate transfer to a new owner.

Are there any hidden fees that I will encounter when I purchase Wilewko land assets?

No there aren’t. As we’ve answered above, we make it very easy and inexpensive for you to purchase and re-sell land assets. Your cost is a simple corporate transfer to a new owner. There are annual taxes to be paid to the local municipality, but these are quite small in the vast majority of cases as we primarily buy lower valued bare land lots in the $10,000 to $30,000 price range so taxes are very minimal as compared to fully developed homes and apartment buildings.

How do I go about purchasing land assets from Wilewko?

We make everything as simple as possible. Much like a standard property purchase, you will pay your funds in trust to the presiding Lawyer. They will work with you ensure that the basic paperwork involved to have the Land Corporation transferred to you gets executed correctly. Once you have been filed as new owner of the Land Corporation, then the lawyer releases the funds to us. Super easy and straightforward – and safe for all parties.